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Sand and gravel always seem to show up last on the design list. But really, these little gems are great for almost any use. Outside, sand is essential for laying flat stones and paver-patios. And gravel, with its many shapes and colors is idea for water features, planting areas, ground cover and more. Actually, the right gravel can even accent tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. It all depends on how far you want to take your design and how much detail you want to add.

Details: Decorative gravel, such as Montana rainbow or Mexican beach pebbles (available in a range of sizes) are very nice for water features, when spread around gardens and plants, as ground cover (instead of bark), and in kitchens and bathrooms.

Uses: Sand is great for children’s sand boxes, for making mortar, and underneath patio stones and pavers. Gravel is perfect for just about any landscaping need, and useful indoors as an accent.