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Patios, walkways, and outdoor living areas can be greatly enhanced with the use of Patio and Flagstone. With these stones you have an abundant selection of color, size, shape, and texture. You can choose stones with soft or hard edges, natural shapes or purposeful squares and rectangles; all in a wide verity of colors.

Details: Patio and Flagstone are the terms used to indicate the general size of the stone; Flagstone being the larger of the two. These flat stones come in many different thicknesses to accommodate a wide variety of possible applications. The different colors, types and sizes of material available are so vast it is almost impossible to not find the perfect fit for your project. Please Note: stones that are less than 1” thick should be mortared to a concrete slab or hardy backer material. Stones ranging from 1” – 2” thick can be dry set outdoors. Pieces from 2” – 3” thick make great stepping-stones, or anything you want.

Uses: Creating the perfect backyard living space, walkways, patios, stepping-stones and decorative additions to any landscaping project. They can even be used as a masonry veneer.