Boulders & Columns

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Boulders and Basalt Columns help add a sense of maturity to your landscaping. At Empire Stone Company, our boulders are perfect for doing simple tasks like holding back dirt, adding dimension to flat areas, or creating stunning water features. These stones are a simple way to add impact in your landscape.

Details: Boulders in general can be used to build up areas for patios, hold back embankments and give your landscape a natural look. At Empire Stone, you will find boulders in many colors, shapes, sizes and materials. These boulders range in size, from basketballs to 6,000 lbs. behemoths. Our Basalt Columns range in size from small (18” high with a 4” diameter) to monolithic, towering over 10’ high. Basalt Columns are perfect for adding personality to your landscape as benches, standing monoliths, or towering water features.

Uses: Landscaping, water features, and generally impressive displays.